We love Santa

We love Santa. What is your view about Santa?

The end of the year is fast approaching and coming with it is Christmas. At this time of the year, curious rumblings will begin to fly all around about the issue of Santa. Especially among Christian, you begin to hear things like; it is wrong to let kids believe in Santa. They buttress their point by saying that allowing children to believe that good behavior earns them gifts increases their urge for greed and legalists and that belief in Santa equates submission to materialism.

Do you Love Santa?

It is easy to say that giving children a myth means that the Nativity story is not enough. But what if Christians embraced the Father Christmas myth while rejecting the materialism attached to it? Myths have been around for a long time and all through their existence, they have been used to communicate truth through story and quite frankly, a lot of people feel that the Santa myth should not be any different.

If you think critically about this issue, leaving all sentiments aside, you will realize that you teach a child about Santa, does not falsify, contradict or diminish the teachings that such a kid has received about Christ. In fact, the Nativity story and the Santa myth may have more in common than we have forced ourselves to believe.

There are parables that are not empirically true but they in fact point to realities about a man and his relationship with God. If we can afford to look at the Santa myth from this perspective, then our mind will definitely open up on the issue.

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