The true meaning of Christmas

Christmas remains the most celebrated festival of the year. The season is usually busy with various activities, Christmas parties, picnics, exchange of gifts, reunion with family and old friends, and many more. Year after year, people stuff the Christmas period with many things they should do to celebrate the season. In the midst of all the bustling and celebrations, it would be great to take a step back to understand what the season commemorates in its essence. 

Here are a few things the Christmas season should ring in our hearts. 

1. Sacrifice

The Christmas season itself originates as a result of sacrifice. The birth of Jesus signifies God’s sacrifice: parting with his son and releasing him as a gift to the world. As the celebrations kick-off, the candles and the candies, the trees, and the lights should remind us of the sacrifice that started the first Christmas. Sacrifice should be a part of our celebrations; the sacrifice of time, energy, and money are all critical. You could help an old neighbor set up their Christmas tree, or put up their decorations. 

2. Appreciation

The season is a golden opportunity to appreciate the beautiful people we have in our lives. You could do that in different ways, a letter may be old fashioned, but the words will continue to ring in the heart of the recipient. You could try writing short lines, getting your family and friends the funniest gifts, you could even take them out and enjoy the holidays with them. Whatever you do this Christmas, be sure to let the people in your life know that you are grateful to have them. 

3. Love

The gifts, the meals, and the fun would be better when your heart is full of love. A cup of coffee and significant doses of love would warm your friend’s heart in the coldest weather. The Christmas season is an opportunity to extend affection to people who are outside your circle. Be spontaneous in your expressions to your family and friends; let them feel your love and trust me, you would be celebrating Christmas in its essence. 

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