The Revolution of the Artificial Christmas Tree

For those who have considered an artificial Christmas tree, they are going to find these trees are lightyears away from what they once were. When people started to put up Christmas trees in their homes, they always went with a live tree. It seemed to be a tradition to wrap up, go out and find one that you would cut down yourself. Nowadays, that is seen as an old-time way of getting a tree, and one that some people try at least once in their lives. But, they find that dealing with the cold and having to manually cut this down is hard work. Those who still go with a live tree often visit a tree farm that has these cut down already and then will tie this up so that you can haul it home. However, there are several people who are opting for artificial Christmas trees as they find them to be the better ‘green’ option and an investment that pays for itself as it can be used year after year. 

The first artificial Christmas tree didn’t really look like those artificial Christmas trees that we see today. They were actually made from goose feathers. While they had the tree shape, they were not very sturdy to hold the ornaments that were being used, and they were super light. Chances were, they fell over a lot when they were placed in locations in which kids or pets ran through. 

Fast forward, and the first plastic artificial Christmas tree was made. This was made with the same science as a toilet brush. So, you can imagine the results. While they were sturdier, they were simply green. They were nothing like what we see today. Today, artificial Christmas trees come in a variety of green colors to replicate the real trees in which they were modeled after. And you will find that some trees are solid white, red, or even blue depending upon the look that you are going after. 

In addition, there are artificial Christmas trees that are flocked to make it look as though snow is on the branches of these trees. There are those that lights made into the branches to make decorating a tree even easier. What we can see with today’s artificial Christmas trees is that they are replicas of real trees without the hassle of having a real tree in your home. You don’t have to worry about watering these or anything, which makes them an excellent choice for every household!