The Popularity of Blown Glass Ornaments

In recent years, the popularity of blown glass ornaments has really skyrocketed. What is it about these glass ornaments that are making so many people want to decorate with them? Blown glass ornaments today are reminiscent of what they were years ago. They have a vintage feel to them that is attractive to many people. 

They come in all types of subject matter including those that are meant to look like giant cupcakes, candy canes, Santa, mistletoe, and the list goes on. Due to the versatility that these blown glass ornaments have, they are just one of the ways that people can decorate with a theme throughout their home. 

While Popular…They Are Fragile

One thing that people will notice about blown glass ornaments is that they are super fragile. They are more fragile than your typical glass bulb that is hung on the tree. Due to the technique of how these are made, it does make them a bit thinner. Thus, they cannot handle rough handling or be dropped. If they are dropped, chances are they will shatter just as if you dropped a glass dish on the kitchen floor. 

Caring for Blown Glass Ornaments

The care for these blown glass ornaments is very similar to what you would do with any type of ornament that you have for your tree. Here are a few tips to help:

  1. Be sure that when wrapping these to store for the season that you use a paper that is free of acid and print. The dye can easily rub onto these ornaments and stain them. 
  2. Use a sturdy box when storing these to avoid them getting broken while in storage. 
  3. These are often painted and they can fade if they are left in the sun for too long, or even in the heat. Thus, you will want to avoid putting this into a storage area that gets excessively hot. The best solution is to store this in a basement or a closet in a light-tight box and in a temperature-controlled environment. 
  4. When hanging these, be sure that you hang them back further on the branch rather than just on the tip. This is going to ensure that they are not accidentally knocked off and broken. 

Blown glass ornaments are by no means a new type of ornament that is hitting the market. The practice is very old, however, they are becoming rather popular thanks to the cute and remarkable designs they are being produced with. 

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