The first Christmas: How it all began

The birth of Christ

There may be many sides to a single story, but the Christmas story has been told and retold the same way over the years. Christmas commemorates the birth of Christ, the leader of the Christian faith. He was said to have been born towards the end of the year, December 25, precisely. His birth signifies Christmas to us now. The star, the wise men, the manger, the virgin mother, all of these are recalled year after year. 

The mother of Christ, The Virgin Mary, had to travel down to her hometown, pregnant with her intended husband. The king had made a decree that there would be a census. They arrived so late, and there was no place to stay in the hotels (The inn). They found a home in a manger, where animals lived, and there Mary came into labor. She gave birth to Christ in that manger.

Three wise men had received a message by an angel about the significant birth. They saw a star up in the sky and followed it till they came to the manger. There, they lay three precious gifts at the feet of the newborn baby, Christ. 


The early church did not place so much importance on birth as they did on death. Therefore, birthdays were usually not celebrated at the time. They believed that the death of Christ, as well as the saints, had more significance than their various births. 

By the third century, after Christ’s life on earth, the church became curious about his birth, its details, and significance. Therefore, it was not a surprise when, in 334AD, the day started to receive some recognition. Soon enough, the day was celebrated as Christ’s mass. The name evolved into Christmas. 

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