Sacred Christmas Traditions

Christmastide simply put refers to the Christmas season the schedule of events or holidays that hold religious significance to Christians. In some Christian denominations, it is a period of twelve days, It begins on Christmas Eve at sunset, lasts twelve days and ends on the 5th of January, it is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, 

There are many traditions associated with the season such as the decoration and adornment of Buildings and homes with nativity scenes, Christmas trees, and ornaments encouraging the spirit of joy and cheer as well as the exchange of Gifts symbolizing the gifts given to the baby Jesus by the three wise men from the East.

A few of the customs of Christmastide

1.The Christmas Tree

Traditionally put up on Christmas Eve and taken down twelve nights later symbolising the end of Christmastide, a fir tree representing both the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil as well as the Tree of Life from the Garden of Eden and decorated with apples (for the forbidden fruit) and sweets (for the Tree of Life).

2. Making Room for Sacred Leisure

Wonder why everyone seems to have some clean up to do around Christmas time, well we unknowingly adhere to an ancient (and practical) tradition, whereby Christmas Eve the house is to be thoroughly cleaned, tasks finished or removed from sight, borrowed items returned, and every task must be completed by nightfall.

3. Christmas Eve Dinner and Celebration

It is a custom the world over to associate Christmas with feasting and banqueting.

4. Lights in the Window

This particular custom originated in Ireland during Christmastide, in time the lights came to be interpreted as an invitation for Joseph and Mary to stay the night.

5. Holy Night carols 

Hymns are sung, usually on Christmas Eve, in a candlelit service. 

Christmastide is perhaps the most beautiful and beloved of Christian traditions.