• Printed Templates Mistletoe & Bow
  • Shades of Green and Red Card
  • White printer paper
  • Scissors (or a scalpel if you’re used to it)
  • Glue


  1. Download the templates above and you can print them directly onto your card stock, or print them on normal printer paper and masking tape the templates onto the coloured card you want to use to cut around.

  2. Cut around the leaf sprigs, the more you do the fuller your mistletoe will end up. I’ve used three dark green and 2 lighter green.3-Christmas-Mistletoe-DIY_by_utensils0-1024x683
  3. Once you’ve cut all your sprigs, you can now shape your leaves. This can be done between your fingers, or rolling them over a skewer or knitting needle would work as well.4-Christmas-Mistletoe-DIY_by_utensils0-1024x683
  4. Alternate the springs on top of each other in colour and placement of the leaves, glue them on top of each other with a dot of glue where they meet at the end of the branch before the start of the leaves.5-Christmas-Mistletoe-DIY_by_utensils0-1024x341
  5. Cut around the bow shapes, take the largest shape (the one like an 8) and bend it round so the tab is glued in the middle, do this to both sides. Take the small rectangle, this will go around the middle of the bow, overlap and glue it in place. Finally stick the ribbon ends behind before glueing it in place on the mistletoe.7-Christmas-Mistletoe-DIY_by_utensils0-1024x343
  6. Finally the berries, these can be easily made by cutting thin strips from your ordinary paper. Take these strips and fold them over into a small square over and over, as you go rotate it so your going over different sections to create more of a hexagon. Once you’ve ran out of the strip, squash in the corners to form more of a ball shape to be glued onto the mistletoe. Smaller strips will give you smaller berries.9-Christmas-Mistletoe-DIY_by_utensils0-1024x683
  7. Now you’re ready to hang up your mistletoe and kiss your loved ones ALL UP! XOXOXOX ;)Thank you to London Local Team! Find the link here:

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