How long does a pre-lit Christmas tree last?

The popularity of pre-lit Christmas trees has risen through the years, as consumers become more conscious of their budgets and about the impact getting real Christmas trees could have on the environment. These consumers want something that will cost less, last more, and at the same time reduce the time required to get it all set up for the Christmas season. 

Since it appears like the better option, you need to know how long the pre-lit tree of your dreams is going to last before purchasing it.

Due to cost, most families are going pre-lit Christmas trees instead of the more traditional ones, according to the American Christmas Tree Association. They explained that the cost of replacing a real Christmas tree (traditional Christmas tree) is three times more than that of Buying an artificial or pre-lit Christmas tree that is capable of lasting for almost ten years. 

This is because while the more traditional one costs more to get it set up for the season, it also can’t be used repeatedly. On the other hand, pre-lit artificial Christmas trees cost less, saves time, and can be used year after year. This is the primary reason why many families choose pre-lit artificial tree as their choice of Christmas tree 

Some families also go for pre-lit trees because of the less time required with its decorations. It comes with the Christmas lights and a little extra embellishment, all ready to go. This means you don’t have to worry about the Christmas light tree and with our busy schedule always at the forefront of our mind; it serves to save time

To find out about how long the pre-lit Christmas tree you are buying will last, you can check the warranty. Some companies provide a guarantee for 3-5 years. It is also essential to check out the brand of the Christmas tree you are purchasing. This includes overall information about the quality and longevity of the tree.