How Artificial Christmas Trees Are Made

Are you curious about the world of artificial Christmas trees are how they are made? Grab some tinsel and join us as we explore the fascinating way your favorite holiday decoration is created.

The use of artificial Christmas trees gained momentum in the 19th century, and we have been trying to perfect the process ever since.

Most artificial Christmas trees began with a steel frame. Steel tubes are rolled into arced rods that will support the base of the tree. The frame is customized to the size and shape and width of the tree. It needs to be built well enough to hold all of the branches.

After all of the framework is made, it is then assembled and checked for quality. This is one of the few parts down by hand; the rest of the talent residing with machines.

Large strips of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic are cut by sharp blades and made into the faux needles that give the trees their texture, with a “spine” in the middle, supporting all of the needles.

These long strips of green PVC needles and then merged with brown PVC plastic for support. Next, this duo is then combined in a twisted manner with thin steel wiring. When twisted, the brown PVC plastic gives the imagery of the stem of the branch among the green needles.

The twisting process results in beautiful pine branch rods, cut precisely to the chosen size by a sharp razor.

For trees that are “frosted,” these rods are sprinkled with white latex paint, adding the perfect snowy look!

Now it’s time to cover up that steel skeleton. Small plastic rings are used to fasten the gathered rods together to give the tree its multi-dimensional appearance.

Back to the hands-on process–workers attach the lights and check them for quality. Depending on the brand, the ornaments or fake pine cones are also attached at the time.  After any discrepancies are corrected, the manufactured tree is then boxed and shipped to its retail destination, and eventually, its new home.

We now live in a world where, at the click of a button, we can purchase the artificial Christmas tree of our dreams, have it delivered to our doorstep, and set up within minutes. Isn’t it amazing that it would take several years to grow and can be manufactured in less than a day?

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