Fun DIY Yarn Cards




This is a great DIY project when the kids are in the house driving you nuts and you need them to keep busy while you cook up a storm for Christmas. Not only is it fun, the kids will LOVE the results and be able to give their cards to family and friends!


  • ¬†Yarn
  • Large needle
  • ¬†Cardstock
  • ¬†Beads
  • Small piece of silver pipe cleaner (for the angel)
  • Glue
  • Felt
  • Pencil
  • Letter stamp set (optinal)


  1. Cut your cardstock into card size shapes. Trace a holiday shape like a tree or angel onto the card with a pencil. You can freehand the shapes or look up clipart online to cut out and use as a template.


  2. Poke holes with your needle along your drawn shape and erase the pencil lines. Start threading yarn through the holes, making sure to tie a knot on your first go through so it stays secure in the back of the card. Note: we added a beaded star to the top which is optional.
  3. Continue stringing and then start adding the beads. Continue stringing until your tree looks full.
  4. You can also add stamped letters as we did.
  5. The back of the card will look “stringy” so you can cut a piece of felt and glue on the back of the card to cover any imperfections.



Repeat the same process for the angel. Instead of beads, we glued a small piece of silver pipe cleaner as the halo.


Thank you so much, for this incredibly fun and beautiful DIY project!

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