Fascinating ways to decorate a glass ornament

The Christmas season comes with lots of creative decorations. From those associated with Christmas trees up to the Mistletoes, the decorations never seem to run out. Glass Christmas ornaments are a significant feature of the Christmas season, and having a few creative ideas to help you with them is never a bad idea. Several decorations can be applied to make your glass ornaments more exciting to improve the glow of your Christmas trees. To help you with the decoration of your glass ornament, we have compiled a list for you. 

Here are some fascinating ways you can decorate a glass ornament.

Pom-Pom Piled Ornament

To achieve this decoration, you will need white, gold, and silver pom-poms and also a clear glass ball ornament. 

You then insert the pom-poms into the glass ornament to get the sparkly and magical look you desire. You can add this to your Christmas tree to add a more energetic look to your Christmas celebration.

Ribboned Ornament 

To add more flair to your glass ornament this season, you can go with the Ribboned Ornament. Design. First, you cut strips of ribbon and remove the cap of the decoration. The cut ribbons are stuffed into the glass ornaments and then hot-glue. In gluing them, you have to begin from the base of forwarding the ornament. The various ends of the ribbons are tucked into the decoration and glued to the top.  A bow is then tied around the hanging loop.

Snowflake Ornament

Making this might require you searching through your crafting supplies for any available ornamental addition. You will be needing some glues and maybe some snowflake scrapbook. All you need to do next is to glue the snowflake-shaped scrapbook to the glass ornament, and you have your beautiful snowflake ornament.

Personalized ornament

This idea is a unique way of adding more joy and love to your home with your glass ornaments. You can add the picture of the family or your friends to remind them of your love for them this season. You can also engrave your glass ornament with the name of a family member or friend to bring much love to their home.

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