Decorating a Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree

A flocked artificial Christmas tree is a beautiful artificial Christmas tree for a home or business to have on hand. It brings the winter weather indoors in a beautiful way that can make it feel like a traditional Christmas, even for those who live in tropical environments. For those who are new to the world of artificial Christmas trees, flocked trees are those that have snow on them that are made into the branches. It can just be a slight dusting or it can be heaped on to make it appear as though the tree has seen a snowstorm. There is something out there that is sure to meet everyone’s personal tastes. 

With this being said, how can you decorate a flocked artificial Christmas tree? The answer is really however you want to do this! However, we have a few ideas that are sure to make this tree stand out!

  1. Lights only! For those who want to go simple, such as an office or business that doesn’t want to necessarily hang hundreds of ornaments on a tree, they will find that they can put lights on this and it will still be a beautiful tree. If you were to use white lights on this flocked tree, you will find it to be breathtaking! Or add in some multi-colored lights for a festive feel. 
  2. Use a silver and gold theme. This theme is considered a classic look that has the feel of luxury to it. And when coupled with the snow on the tree, it is a super impressive end result.
  3. Embrace the snow! Aim to get ornaments that are snow-related such as icicles or even snowflakes. It will really bring the winter theme into your home. 
  4. White and red ornaments are always a huge hit with these flocked trees. You may even find that doing a peppermint theme with this tree is super easy and is also super fun.
  5. Blue and silver is a great winter theme to adorn flocked artificial Christmas trees and thanks to its popularity, it is super easy to find these types of ornaments and decorations. It is a classic theme with a twist that will be gorgeous!

When decorating your flocked artificial Christmas tree, remember there are really no rules. Go wild or go classic. Whatever you do, let it show your style and taste, and you will be happy with the end results. 

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