Christmas is a season of love.

Christmas is a season of love. It’s a season of decorations, lights, flowers, trees, hams, turkeys, pecans, cheese balls, cookies, wines, liquors, cigars, fruitcake, dinner and many other fabulous things that make the air warm and alive, even in the dead of winter.

As a matter of fact, Christmas is a season of lights and it is that time of the year when no one can frown upon you for spicing up your home with sparkling things; that time of the year that is characterized by explosive decorations from every corner of the street to homes.

This goes to show how brightened up we want our environment to be during this period. A lot of work is put into making everywhere shine and come alive during the festive season, after all, the season comes with a lot of excitement and appeal; there are a lot of events and activities to look forward to.

All over the world, people have adopted the celebration and observe it in celebration of the day that Christ was born. All through Jesus’ stay on earth, he taught love and lived a life of love. Little wonder during Christmas season, there is usually an overflow of love.

So as much as we want to decorate our homes and streets, let us not forget to adorn the hearts of people around us by showering them with as much love as we can, by whatever means that we can. Christmas is going to be even merrier if we show bountiful love to people.

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