Chalkboard Ornaments: A DIY Christmas Craft for Kids

DIY Christmas. For those families with kids, do you have those homemade ornaments on your tree? Most parents have these somewhere, even if they are not hanging on the family tree. However, for those who are looking for something unique that your kids can work on throughout the holiday season, the newest trend in DIY ornaments are chalkboard ornaments. 

What are Chalkboard Ornaments? 

These are ornaments that are often made from small pieces of wood, then painted with chalkboard paint. They are super easy to make and can be done in a just a day and can provide hours of entertainment and tons of memories for both parents and kids. 

Why Kids Love These DIY Christmas

Why do kids love these chalkboard ornaments? Because it is one of those ornaments that it is okay to get off the tree and re-do. They can wipe, draw, and repeat for as long as the ornament is out. To make this even more fun, get a variety of chalk colors, so that they can make these as decorative as they want. 

What You Will Need

The items that you are going to need for this DIY décor activity include:

  • Round pieces of craft wood. Hint: Get those wood pieces that look like chunks of actual trees in about 4 to 6-inch diameters for more room and a rustic look.
  • Blackboard paint that can be purchased at almost any home store or even craft store
  • Chalk for the littles ones to use to decorate this décor

Pick a day to paint these with the chalkboard paint ahead of when the kids will work on these so that they can just start and go. These will make great keepsakes!

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