Sunday , 21 April 2019

DIY Crafts


DIY PAPER MISTLETOE  WHAT YOU NEED: Printed Templates Mistletoe & Bow Shades of Green and Red Card White printer paper Scissors (or a scalpel if you’re used to it) Glue   DIRECTIONS: Download the templates above and you can print them directly onto your card stock, or print them on normal printer paper and masking tape the templates onto the coloured card you want …

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Funky Cork Wreath

  You’re probably here checking this DIY cork wreath project because you either are a DRUNKARD/WINO who doesn’t know what to do with the handfuls of corks all over your house, or you’re a hipster looking for a unique wreath that’ll be the ice breaker at your dinner party during holidays.   Whatever the case is, lets get to making …

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Holiday Tree Lights

      Holiday Tree Lights WHAT YOU NEED: 8″ cone template (left + right), 6″ cone template, 4″ cone template 4 pieces of heavyweight cardstock parchment paper 2 – 12″ lengths of 1/8″ dowel small blade aspic cutter in star shape rolling pin air dry porcelain or modeling clay 4 LED tea lights (not pictured) wet rag or paper towel or tiny sponge …

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Mason Jar Snowglobe

  Mason Jar Snowglobe WHAT YOU NEED: A jar that seals Distilled Water Liquid Glycerine Glitter Figurines Epoxy/Crazy Glue Clear Gloss Mod Podge Sealer DIRECTIONS: Coat your figurines in the Mod Podge Sealer and let dry. This should help your figurines keep their coloring. Once the figurings are dry, use the Crazy Glue to attach them to the lid of the mason …

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Fun DIY Yarn Cards

  FUN KIDS YARN CARDS! This is a great DIY project when the kids are in the house driving you nuts and you need them to keep busy while you cook up a storm for Christmas. Not only is it fun, the kids will LOVE the results and be able to give their cards to family and friends! WHAT YOU …

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Paper Tube Hot Chocolate Ornament

Paper tube Hot Chocolate Ornament WHAT YOU NEED: PT tubes (1 tube made 5 ornaments). Scrap white paper (both card stock and regular old printer paper) Scrap brown paper the color of yummy hot chocolate Cardboard- (the kind that comes in the back of notebooks and drawing pads). Scraps of coffee filters (the ruffly ends about half and inch wide) …

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