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About Us


My name is Stacey and thanks for checking Christmas Twist out!

I decided to create the one and only, Christmas Twist site sometime last year, in between breaking down from all the holiday-season-pressure and the gingerbread cookies burning in the oven. Oh! Not to mention, MY IN-LAWS WERE COMING IN FROM OUT OF TOWN!

After the extremely hectic experience, I realized that I wasn’t alone. I had compared notes with all of my friends who happened to feel the exact same way. After realizing how many people just stress out during holiday season instead of celebrating it, I created an online Christmas-guide for the servant-less so y’all can chill and finally enjoy Christmas instead of getting gray hairs from it!

I compiled all the best hacks to make your Christmas the greatest day of the year; From delicious recipes, DIY crafts, games, activities and live posts, Christmas Twist will ensure you are able to celebrate Christmas in the most awesome way possible!

Much Love,

Stacey the Holiday Season Hacker 😉