A Christmas book box- best Christmas books of 2019

  A book is a wonderful companion no matter the time of the year but having a little something to remind you what time of the year it is, is just beautiful. Imagine yourself all wrapped up in front of the fireplace with an intriguing Christmas book in your hands, if you’re anything like me, you’d definitely be having the best time. 

You would need to add some books to your Christmas book box this year. Here are a few great Christmas books of 2019 that you’d be glad to add to your book box this year. 

1. Christmas at Silver falls

     You definitely want to curl up somewhere to enjoy this fascinating book. You would be intrigued as the book leads you through the joy of having a great family during Christmas, snows falling, giving and receiving love during the season, receiving second chances, and more. This book will help you remember how lucky you are to have your family and friends around you this Christmas. 

2. Snowfall on cedar trail

         If you love some holiday romance, this is the perfect fit for you. This book brings you into the experience of love between a police sheriff and a small town florist. You are sure to enjoy every detail as the florist fights her love for the sheriff, choosing to keep her secrets over her love for him. It’s all fun and exciting. You surely want this book in your box this Christmas. 

3. The gift of happiness 

          Christmas is about giving and receiving love. How about receiving a fantastic gift of happiness? You would surely be carried away as you read how love happens to Marlowe in her little town called happiness and how she finally receives the gift of love and joy. 

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