5 Things to Do in New York During the Christmas Holidays

There are a lot of beautiful places you could choose to visit in America during your Christmas holidays. And one of those magnificent places is New York because it is often so fascinating during the Christmas holidays! And that’s why today, we will be looking at the best things you could do in New York during your Christmas holiday visit.

Rockefeller Spot

Being one of the most popular places in New York, Rockefeller is often one of the most crowded places in New York City during Christmas holidays. So, if you want to visit the spot, consider getting there either too early or too late. In other words, just make sure you avoid the crowd!

Sacks Fifth Avenue

Adjacent to the Rockefeller tree in New York is the Sacks Fifth Avenue. And this street is mostly known for its light shows during holidays, which tends to get better and better every year.

Holiday Window Displays

If there is one thing that is mostly associated with New York, is in its possession of famous stores such as Barneys, Bloomingdale Bergdorf Goodman, Tiffany & Co, Cartier Saks, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, etc.

Macy’s Believe Campaign

This is often the spot were Christian believers, irrespective of the ages, usually take their stamped letter to ‘Santa at The North Pole’ and then stash it into the letterbox. Also, with Macy’s online service, you can form and send a letter online. However, for every message received, Macy’s will then give out $1 to Make-A-Wish. Again, if you’re out to shop at Macy’s, let’s say for the three days before Christmas, the shop is always open for the whole 24 hours. 

However, if you must shop for anything you want, you should get there early, as going late will do you no good. You might as well get to buy in an empty store! This happens everywhere in New York during the Christmas holidays, so, no matter the store you’re planning to shop at, if I were you, I would go there as early as possible. 

New York’s Holiday Markets

If you’re looking to get a unique Christmas gift for yourself, kids, spouse, or other acquaintances, New York’s Holiday Markets is the place you should be. This is true because, with the significant number of vendors in the market, it’s very certain that you won’t only find what you’re looking for, but a type that is made in high quality. So, if you wish to visit any of these markets, you can choose to visit the biggest and most popular ones such as Columbus Circle, Union Square, and Grand Central Station.

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